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Telepathy & Remote Viewing -Stay Out of my Head!
A Goodtalk conversation
Good Sports
A panel conversation between sports experts discussing the day's hot topics.
James Harden has scored 57 or more points in 2 straight games. ZERO of his shots in those 2 games were assisted. Is he just that good of a scorer or is this an example of why he is such a polarizing player?
The Bachelor - West Coast
Calling all of Bachelor Nation on the West Coast! Follow this group text for live commentary during Colton's season!
I hope Hannah gets her first kiss next week!!!
I think I need to call Ghost Busters!
A Goodtalk conversation
Bird Box w/ Creepy Podcast
Join @creepypod as they have a live text conversation while watching Bird Box on Netflix! Hit play and follow along!
I need to watch Brits baking to cleanse my pallet before bed
SEC Sports Editor Group Text
Sports editors from the Universities' student papers talk about the SEC.
It’d be good. Their account is extremely inflammatory and at this point, with their following, irresponsible.
Toy Talk
Need to know the best toy this Christmas? Follow as we talk with toy experts and child development experts about TOYS!
TTPM’s also got some great holiday giveaways to check out!
Golden Globes
Follow a conversation between TV and Film experts LIVE during the Golden Globes.
I’m at @bizgamer9 👍
The Awakened Dad
Talking with Brent Herd, founder of The Awakened Dad
Switching gears, can you share any hints about what The Awakened Dad will become?
Fitness Experts
Our experts discuss some of the most hotly debated topics in fitness!
Been so fun to chat with everyone! Aloha have a beautiful day, until the next one!