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Toy Talk
Need to know the best toy this Christmas? Follow as we talk with toy experts and child development experts about TOYS!
TTPM’s also got some great holiday giveaways to check out!
SEC Sports Editor Group Text
Sports editors from the Universities' student papers talk about the SEC.
Interesting pick for Bryant, I guess a team with an explosive offense looks nice to him
Good Sports
A panel conversation between sports experts discussing the day's hot topics.
The Raptors beat the Warriors by 20 in Oakland last night without Kawhi Leonard and are off to a hot 23-7 start. Are they the team to beat this year?
The Awakened Dad
Talking with Brent Herd, founder of The Awakened Dad
Had no idea and at the time was only concerned about making that dollar. It wasn't until I started having kids that I began to shift myself. I have since learned that our kids come to us to help us grow spiritually. The problem is that most of us men allow our egos to drive the ship as it relates to parenting. What I mean by this is that we have these egoic plans for our kids - meaning we want our kids to be the best this or that and the truth is that we want these things for us - not for them and so this is how parenting has gotten so screwed up - if we were able to truly learn from our children it can be life changing - like it was for me.
The Bachelor
Calling all of Bachelor Nation! Follow this group text for live commentary during Colton's season!
Ok thanks
The Language of Spirit -What did you say?
A Goodtalk conversation
See you all in the Soup soon.
Fitness Experts
Our experts discuss some of the most hotly debated topics in fitness!
Been so fun to chat with everyone! Aloha have a beautiful day, until the next one!
Golden Globe Nominations
A Goodtalk conversation
Yeah, and honestly my favorite movies this year were Blindspotting, The Hate U Give and Sorry to Bother You, none of which were nominated and ALL of which are better than Bohemian Rhapsody
A Majestic Christmas
The cast and crew live texts while they watch the movie on Hallmark!
Thanks so much, Nikki. We really appreciate the kind words.
A Christmas Arrangement Cast and Crew
Watch the movie on Lifetime and follow a live convo with cast and crew of A Chrismas Arrangement!
Happy thanks giving !!